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Ep. 43: Why 90% of Networking Fails

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Ep. 43: Why 90% of Networking Fails? 

Lindsay  00:00

I'm Lindsay Mustain and this is the career design podcast made for driven ambitious square pegs and round holes type professionals who see things differently and challenge the status quo. We obliterate obstacles and unlock hidden pathways to overcome and succeed where others have not stagnation feels like death. And we are unwilling to compromise our integrity and settle for being average in any way. We are the backbone of any successful business and those who overlook our potential are doomed to a slow demise. We do work that truly matters aligns with our purpose and in turn, we make our lasting mark on the world. We are the dreamers, doers, legends and visionaries who are called to make our most meaningful contribution and love what we do. 

I just give you finger guns. It's Friday. Yeah. Friday, so those that are watching or watching on the replay. Happy Friday. We call this in my community. Happy FriYay. So yeah, it's been forever since I've hung out with you.


Abby  00:59

I know. I'm so excited. Welcome back.


Lindsay  01:01

You've been busy, busy. I gave you some work to do. Um, maybe you may not like me as much now.


Abby  01:09

Just a few things. It seems simple. And then you get into it. It's like, it's a lot 


Lindsay  01:14

The part here where it seems simple like it the thing is, we all kind of know, it's kind of like, um, yeah, we all know how to get to Florida, right? Like, for me, for me, that's very far southwest. So there's direction. But I don't know the turn by turn directions. Like that'll get me there. And that's kind of the the pathway that we're going through. So we're talking today, and I named this one, why 90% of networking fails. And this one, this one is really like it's near and dear to my heart, because it's the thing that you guys tell me is what you struggle with the most is networking. So I am so happy to be back. If you guys are joining me live, like give me a little shout out here. I have been to Florida, which is not that big a deal. Except that came back with COVID. So I finally have recovered from COVID, where I my kids are still having some after effects with sleeping. But I am at the point where I think the only thing I have left is a little bit of congestion. And then I can't smell it as well.Oh no, the taste it's longest to get that back like smell and taste, I think, well, I didn't lose it until about I got COVID too. And I'm working from home. So like thanks to my husband for bringing that back to me. But um, but yeah, I lost my taste and smell for like eight days straight, like no smell, no taste for eight days. But it happened after like, maybe a week, week and a half of having COVID.  OMG it's 10 later. Oh my gosh, that's craziness. Yeah, the that's how I knew I had it was like I was sitting here and I'm like, What is going on? I was eating and I tested at home, which, you know, like there's an incubation period. I just went home and it wasn't anything but I was thinking I'm like, I can't taste this. And I'm like, well, I took that test and yeah, I came back. Yeah. So not as fun as I would like to say it would be so we're talking about today about networking. And so the first thing I want to get into like why networking fails. Okay, so I'm just going to tell you, I'm not always captain obvious, but when I am I make it obvious. You know that networking is the secret to uplevel in your career. Okay, so stay with me, your network equals your net worth. Okay, now, I'm going to break down some of the things that happen. Why networking sucks. I mean, it sucks is the first 20 hours it's going to happen. Some people are getting bad networks. In fact, I had to call somebody out the other day on our comments, and they're like, Can I have a job and I go, you need to go look at the post. I just wrote about bad networking. Like, like you're doing it wrong. Okay, great.


Abby  03:46

Oh, boy, it sucks. Don't worry. 


Lindsay  03:49

It sucks for everybody bikes. Abbi, let me just ask you here in the time that we've been together, how and you've had some of these shifts beforehand, but how was the conversations changed?


Abby  03:59

Um, you know, I think I've just slowed them down a little bit. Um, I think that's for me the biggest change and it's not that I was not personable before but I think in in you even say like, it's kind of awkward at first to reach out to someone you don't know, because like, what do you say to them? Um, so for me, it's a little I'm sure we'll get into it. So I don't want to say too much ahead of time. But I'm just really like, understanding who I'm connecting with and why I'm connecting with them. And then directing my conversation based on those things and making sure that I'm not just saying, oh, this person looks interesting. Click Like, let's connect. But hey, like, mentioning something that drew me to them in the first place to start the conversation and just being like, a person of interest.


Lindsay  04:44

Sorry, did not mean that we're switching back a little bit here. But talk to me about that. You're having connections already having conversations because of the branding work that you're doing. Yeah, so those conversations, how are those going It's really what I want to know


Abby  04:56

Ggood um, so I mean, there's starting off a little slower, right? So and in some cases, I'm like getting a lot of organic requests myself coming in, which is cool. My views on my profile have increased a lot. My SSI has gone up. 


Lindsay  05:14

Yeah, social selling index for the wind, right, which shows up how much we shot inside the feed, and how well we're doing on branding ourselves. So that's really awesome. And I know that people, so I'm gonna tell you what it comes from the person who's here just working with Abby here, is people tell me how much they love her. And they're like, I've been following and I've been listening. I can't believe it, like, rock star you are. And so I'm guessing people watch, I won't say to you what your brand is face to face like they will or they won't, right. But most of the time, we have an impression like I don't go in. I'm like, I really like live. Okay, I'm gonna give you a bad example. I'm embarrassed to say I really like Olive Garden, fettuccine alfredo. So they don't know I'm a super fan. But that is my impression. Now however you feel about it. The other day if you guys if anybody here is loving fettuccine. Let's hear about it. We know, Rich says they love me. So inside of my community, they love. They love you. Like you haven't even interacted with a lot of these people. I want you to know, your brand is what we're trying to use. We're increasing your power position through. And then we're able to have conversations and what I mean by this talk about networking. So I want you to take networking, like do not feel icky. Like, oh,


Abby  06:29

Oh, yeah. It's so awkward.


Lindsay  06:35

It is awkward. I'm the most networked person. I know. I'm also the most outgoing person like that. I know. Like the idea of going to a networking event, I don't want to go people. I don't want to go. Alright, so give me a little feel here in the chat. If you understand what I'm saying. Like, I don't want to go I don't want to do this. Okay. And now this is where we come from, and I'm gonna look at you right in the eye. I'm gonna say, you can do hard things. You can do hard things. Okay. So the reason why the only way that you weren't going to move forward is because somebody helps you. Okay, stay with me. Somebody helps me. Somebody helps me. Yes, I know. Exactly. And so, by the way, Abby didn't ask for this. Like she This happened because of her brand. That's actually the secret here. And because I was impressed with what she wrote, I was like she is she is literally like untapped potential. Like, you know, like David came from, you know, he sculpted from a thing of marble, like, you know, I get that it's like key feeling I get that. And so I need you to reprogram the thought that How about friendship? How about a relationship and I was like, kind of get into weird things with people are like really? Like it is they're all relationships that I mean, I relationship, like, I was walking in here running, by the way, because I wanted to be nice. For this. I was not, by the way, um, and the takes care of the grounds here. He was like, Would you like some leaves? I was like, I don't and I don't have the the task of what's a pretty because we have so many in like that that's a relationship. So when I like I walked out, it's gonna sound ridiculous, silly thing. But I walked out in my hair got caught in a tree that were in my car. And I was like, oh, no, Bob, can you help me out? And you know what it was done in five minutes, that tree limb was trim? And I'm like, Why? Because I had a relationship. So just stay in the chat here for me. Relationship, okay, because then you'll understand what I'm talking about. So we're gonna stop thinking about, like, who can get me something? And I want you to think about how do I build friendships and relationships? And this is where people are like, well, nobody wants to do that. So let me give you a little truth bomb here. People are the most isolated and the most efficient on the hormone inside of our brain that friendship Kindles, so let me tell you that we are looking for friends. How many of you would like a friend? Hi, by the way? Yeah, yeah. So Abby is my friend. Now. She doesn't know that. Hey, you've been promoted to friend. Oh, well, everyone has helped me somebody says that you should not want to but I'm all for it. Super comfortable. It takes time to process. Yes. Ruby is so powerful. Yes. relationship. And I am good at recognizing talent that is like my superpower here. Okay. So the programming here starts with and I am going to say something that's very provocative. Stop showing up and asking for a handout. Okay. This is what happens most of the time when I see networking going wrong. And I'm going to tell you the secret of how you know you've done this okay, but because today, I decided to show up and message somebody who has never contacted me has never even heard of me. They may or may not have in some cases for me. And I'm like I ended up I'm asking for your time, your attention and your response. And I want you to do something for me. The equivalent is the person who stands outside of my local grocery store. and has a sign that says, Please give me money. Okay? That is the equivalent of what it is. And this is where like, some of you it's like it, I feel like a dagger in the heart and you're gonna go well that I'm not going to do that and you're kind of right or you're kind of a jerk, Lindsey, whatever it is, I am probably a little bit of a jerk, and I'm actually telling you the truth, so you can


Abby  10:19

Drop truth bombs, there's nothing wrong with that.


Lindsay  10:22

It is a true bomb. And that's where I'm like, I gotta hold some a choice word today, what sorts of letter B, because of what I do, and I'm like, That's okay. Right? Or a rude and whatever it is. I'm like, telling the truth


Abby  10:33

One of the word, bosses in front of it.


Lindsay  10:37

That's really, I like that, actually. I'm gonna come back with that.


Abby  10:42

You're like, Thank you, I am a boss. 


Lindsay  10:46

I know that I here I'm here. And I know that I can help people, the ones who want to change, okay, so I can't if you're like this, you're like, You're rude or you're a bee or whatever it is that you want to call me. This is not for you. And this is why I say go ahead. God bless nama save and get off of the damn secure stream. Okay? Because, like, I live here to help people, okay? And I'm going to tell you, the people here want to be victims, okay? I'm sorry, this is where it's gonna get painful. You want to be a victim. The system has got it against me. This is against me. That's against me. Okay. Well, guess what? For every system, there's somebody who's breaking that system. There's somebody who's doing better. What's the difference? Let me just tell you, it's that they've invested themselves, they learned something new, they found a way to use it to their advantage in the middle of the great recession. And I'm calling it the recession, the middle of the recession here for the COVID recession. I said, you're gonna look at this in your brain and say, this is a great challenge. And this Go suck or I'm gonna say this great challenge. That means there's massive opportunity. I went from making $53,000 On average before the recession to $72,000 now in the last 60 days, it's over $100,000 The increases of my client are it's insane. It's insane. So I'm going to tell you here corporate cash machine dot com we are doing a live masterclass. It is totally free. Like literally leave your wallet at home. It is free. There's nothing to buy. Okay. So let's go back to the relationships front, because I just I need to reprogram this, like, we got to get out of the soup kitchen mentality. So how do we do that we have to increase our power position. That's the first thing. So somebody say I said, I was just asking, and people love to throw stones at what I say. And I'm like, What are you believe me? Or don't I have the proof to back it up? I have the proof to back it up. So like, what? To your own demise? I find that people who are skeptics have the worst life results. The people who are skeptics have the worst life results in general. Now, I think having a sense of does this make sense? Or is this like an inflated promise? Go see if the proofs in the pudding? I've got it? No. Uncertain fact. Abby, can I just say you've gotten a couple different job opportunities already, right? Yes, yes. Yeah. Yeah. So I'm not saying that they're the perfect job opportunities. Notice I don't.


Abby  12:48

Okay, so two things have like, changed, right? I've gotten the paperwork, right. And the other thing is that I am like regularly receiving leads on job opportunities that people who have tuned in are sending me because they think it might be a good fit for what I do, like people are researching, again. Yeah, I've had, I've had several people who were at our events messaged me, and then they're happening like multiple times a week, where they will send me a job that they saw that they feel would be a good fit for me. So I'm already getting connections through.


Lindsay  13:23

You've got multiple job opportunities, pretty good. Continue to get them. And just by doing what we are talking about here, which is building relationships. And here is the secret to building your brand increasing your power position. It is here it is this thing is your voice. Okay, so I'm gonna tell you the smartest, most brilliant, educated person in the entire planet could be over in the corner working here. And do you think they're gonna make any money or make good opportunities? No, the only way that she does is by having conversations. So when people are like, I got my MBA or my PhD or whatever bogus bullshit that they've sold you by the way, I'm a little bit against higher education. I do want my kids to go to college for the experience. But I know it's not a secret. It's here because you choose to learn something new and you understand that the actual way you get there is through people what I'm teaching you to be the people that people want.


Abby  14:12

Yeah, it blows my mind that like, you know, education is extremely important. Don't get me wrong, however, I think what we're taught and it took me forever to realize like how important networking wasn't, I kind of realized this like, long ago and my husband's like, you need to be nicer to people. And I just work really hard and it's not that I don't like them. I'm just too busy to try. So um, but you're taught that like your worth is based on you know, the skills that you have, and we aren't taught that what actually will get you there is your relationships with the people that you were


Lindsay  14:44

That was quotable. Oh, my gosh, what we'll get there is that what will get you there is the relationships with people, it's not skills, 


Abby  14:52

You've been taught the wrong thing all along. 


Lindsay  14:55

I know, this is where I'm like, not your fault. It's not your fault. That's why like, if you have to be the person who says, hey, guess what? They were lying to you? Because I bought into i unemployed in the Great Recession. Oh, and Abby's a boss, he likes cheese. We can only control how you act and react. I love this. Sorry keep going, Abby. No, I just said in My The Queen cheese being I love that. But that's when people are like posted about you. And I will tell you that I get messages and they're like, I might have an opportunity for Abby. I was like, You should send it over. And I'm like she you don't know. And they're like this. And sometimes they're coming. I'm gonna tell you how he I don't You don't even know this. But they're like this thing. And I'm like, it's so perfectly aligned our superpower trifecta, and she has waited. And that's actually been on the radar. And I'm like, I don't I don't spoil it before I let you because that's my job. Let me be very clear how I work is I could totally make so much more money. If I took a percentage of what you make. I would do so much better. But I don't shit about that. Let me tell you why. I want you to do something without anybody having any other interested except for what's here in your heart. So like when I say like, I want you to do a job that matters. Like guys, guess what? I can help you make $100,000 more in one job move. I can help you do that. I am the fucking best in the world of saris LinkedIn.


Abby  16:11

They haven't gone yet. So I


Lindsay  16:12

know that on Facebook today, I think they've caught me. I love everyone says what will get you there as your relationships? Yeah, there what will get you there is your relationships. Okay. And I was going back here, um, I lost my spot here. But let's go back to the relationship friends, because that's really the big thing, right? The big thing is relationships. It's not the list of qualifications. Okay, I'm trying to go back to my There we go. My like my link, because if you want to know more about this, if you guys are getting value out of it, like get to join me tomorrow, like I'm doing this for four hours. Whoa, Lord, I know. Can you imagine for hours? It's gonna be epic. And some of the people who are listening already have already joined the group. It's going to be so awesome back. I don't know they're so to you. So I hope you can come in and pick up. Yep, yes. Okay. So I want to talk about like networking as what changes. So what, what the first thing you have to do to increase your power position is you have to know your worth. Guess what I'm reprogramming that all tomorrow? That is what I'm trying to do. That's what we're gonna spend the time is dissecting What the fuck is holding you back. Again, I'm so sorry. It's Friday. I know it is Friday. And I'm like,


Abby  17:24

why don't you just gotta break and come with like full passion today


Lindsay  17:28

That's right. I'm like, go balls to the wall here. So the question I asked in my Facebook group is I said, What's holding you back in the single most common answer? Do you know what it was? Me not fear. I don't know, like myself, I fear was the other one too. And I kind of consider those the same thing. But it's only here, right? And like, I don't know if I could do this. And I'm like, Guess what, I'm going to show you that you can do it. I'm gonna show you people who've done it before. It was the idea of the four minute mile until somebody broke it. Nobody believed it was possible. And then when somebody broke it, that's just one person broke that year, six people did. So it's totally possible. We just have to believe but the first thing we have to stop is the bullshit narrative that we put behind these things right here. Right? What's running between your ears is what's keeping you holding back Okay, so that's what we're actually doing this next day. So now now that I've got the first the mindset which if you if you want to go back listen to we've been doing this here for weeks, it was heavy. We talked about why it's up. It's actually the whole process. By the way.


Abby  18:23

I'm doing mine. So yeah, I don't know. I posted a little bit something about that yesterday got very personal but Oh, go look,


Lindsay  18:29

I don't think it popped up. Almost because recently Hey, Abby's content shows up. And the way her social selling is Nexus. And because I interact with our content, it shows up at the top my way. This is the secret of what I'm doing is we're hacking the system


Abby  18:41

Yeah, gone from 47 to 66 now


Lindsay  18:45

47 to 66. I'm like if you can get into the 70s. Like at that point, they're like, go ahead. You can start your own business, maybe like you can do whatever you want at that point. That is massive. So I was hoping for 20% increase for you. What I don't even know what that is. 20 points. So whatever. Somebody do 20% increase. Yeah. Yeah, I'm not so good with the bath for us. I need calculator for that. That's massive. Okay, so now I want to talk about increasing the power position. So the mindsets the first thing worthiness, yes. Okay. Like, what you need somebody to reflect it back to you. Hi, I'm your mirror. I'm your Oracle genius. I can take a look at your top. I am the best at spotting talent at least to hire the most elusive talent. And that doesn't matter. Like somebody saying, like, I work at Walmart. And I was like, you're gonna get so much out of this because guess what? The very first job I ever had in corporate America, I made $11 an hour. Okay, yeah, $11 an hour.


Abby  19:35

I feel like it started at like 825 or something. something ridiculous like,


Lindsay  19:40

so like, we all start somewhere. But you have to believe it's possible. Like you have to believe it's possible. That's the biggest thing. So once you believe it's possible, then it's like activated then we can move towards it. But so the target so whatever you're wherever you're at, we can help you get there. He doesn't even matter if you're a mid senior professional, you would have eight years of experience. You need to think about $100,000 Raise seriously Like we had somebody who just graduated and he's like, I wanted a six figure increase to work virtually. And I wanted to get my, my job via video and he did it in our group. And I was like, This is so cool. I've never anybody did it via video. Like, they're they're just, it's a crazy market. Okay, so it's the hottest market out there. So what that means now is that we are begging people to come work for us. We are begging them. Okay, we are begging, please come back, please work for us. Please, please accept our job like and people somebody in the chat was like, I think that's only happening for your candidates or your clients. And I was like, oh, it's not like I surveyed in 89% of all the recruiter surveyed, which I think it was 600 said this 89% said, this is the hottest and most competitive job market they've ever been in. So we are throwing money at it. Now, earlier in the year, it's a 3% raise on average. If you just did this, we have no idea what you're doing 3% Raise which is better than most cost of living. But I'm talking about like, let's talk about Quantum Leap results. That's what's happening now. So this is the time Okay, so what I say about networking, there is just do it. Okay. That's, that's the answer I have for you. And I'm going to tell you, you are going to suck at it. All right. Now let me ask. Anybody start off like, did you get reborn? And then did you just like start walking?


Abby  21:16

Yeah, no, I mean, it's you for me, I like I said, you know, I'm a social person. But for me to start these conversations and even to know how to continue them. I'm like, okay, like, where do I go from here? But I have to think about it. And it's, it feels weird, but it shouldn't, and some of them in the conversation flows naturally. And some of them it doesn't happen at all. So, yeah, there's negative results as far as like people responding or not, but yeah.


Lindsay  21:39

Let me talk about that too there. Because we'll get into it. I don't wanna Well, I want to say that a lot, have not had enough time to build their network. Okay. So I would like you to go look at your bank account. And I want you to tell me, if that was 10 fold, that would be what would happen if you actually did networking. Okay, so, so then you don't have time, what you're telling me is, I don't have time to invest in me. That's what you're telling me.


Abby  22:02

But it means you're not willing to put the effort in for yourself? 


Lindsay  22:08

People don't want to have conversations. And I'm like, how like, I'm like asking people, I'm like, is that anecdotal? Like, is that? Is that research? Right? Like, I want you to take a look at it. I'm like, How many times have you tried? Well, I sent out three messages. Okay, that's not enough to make a sample size of any kind. Okay. And then I'm like, and then like, What did you say? Oh, you made an ask. So here's rule number one, when it comes to networking, if you put a question mark, in your message to them at any point, even how are you doing? What are you up to? How are you? You have made an ask okay. So there is only one finite resource that we are all gifted as human beings in the flesh. What is the resource? You know?


Abby  22:51



Lindsay  22:52

It is time. That makes the only thing that none of us can draw on. And none of us can take it advance on we get only one and a lot of time. So when you are asking for people's time, you're in what is Time Time is money. Okay? You're asking for somebody's time. You are literally taking away from them. So I want you to think of having a do not start with an ask Thank you do not start. I don't know for me, hobbies, networking conversations, why people don't respond to you is you have made it ask of them. And it might seem scary to said, I'm not sure I understand. And I wonder how


Abby  23:31

You don't understand either why you're starting with a question. Okay. I feel like somebody says, how are you? And I don't know them? I just feel like that. Like, evading my personal space. Like,


Lindsay  23:44

I need a costume on the street where people go, yeah, give me the smile more. And I'm like, no, no, I don't like for sure. Is and so I have to reprogram so when people be like, like, in the very beginning. The idea here is the emotional bank account. So I want to like reframe the idea here is the emotional bank account says everything starts at zero. Okay? So before Abby, like I came, Abby and I, I actually made her an offer. But I asked for her time because I said would you be interested in being a part of this? Like, let's have a conversation? And she said yes, because the opportunity was there there was value exchanged, right. But most people will want time or help or let me be the worst. Can you help me get a job? The answer is no. That is not their job. The only person's job to get you a job is you. You You okay, this gets me fired up because I'm like that you go to the soup kitchen, okay, you want a job Costco is hiring people. You want a job, you can find it. What you're talking about is a lack of resourcefulness, a lack of being an owner of my own reality. You are a victim to your own circumstances and you know what, the you are a product of your decisions and not of your condition because when I was homeless, you know what I better to fucking do something about it. And I did. Okay, so I was there. So I have zero symptoms. For people here at this point, because what I'm telling you is the person who is holding you back is You and your stupid excuses. Now, I say that


Abby  25:07

Chan's in the chat. Like, I feel like there's like a moment like that with


Lindsay  25:11

It's love behind it because I'm telling you the painful truth where you go. So should that hurt? Yeah, because it's a truth smack. Okay, like slap your neighbor and say, Stop asking for handouts. Okay, now there's a better way to do this. Okay? Stop being the used car salesman, like have you ever gone to a car lot? And they're like, they see you you step onto their property, and they're like beeline for you. That is that message? How are you? Can you help me find a job? And you're like, No way. Yeah, so this, if you understand that, and that feels icky to you don't do it to other people. And I have people who do this for years. And that's the thing. We're like, why you are been unsuccessful, or you've tried, and that's what you started with. And it didn't work. Okay. So I need you to reprogram that what I'm going to do is build relationships. And if I have enough power, if I have enough branding, and if I actually connect to people at a heart and soul level, I'll build deeper relationships that will continue to be nurturing for both of us for the rest of my life. Yeah, so I have somebody who just got a job literally, shoot, I can't look, I think it was a 46% Raise


Abby  26:17

46%, I saw that that's let me tell you that


Lindsay  26:21

I hired her at my very first recruiting you remember that like $11 Oh, cool. She's a long time. And I taught her she was homeless, too. Like, she has some really amazing stories. And she's just a really good human in the first place. And she's like, I need to do this. And I'm like, the people that that's what's so powerful about what I do is that I didn't just go take like a certification. I have been doing this for forever. I've been preaching the principles of what I talk about for all of my life, I believe that people matter. Like, I'm telling you this stuff, not because I want to be cruel to you. Because I want you to do better, because I want you to have a better life. Because at the end of the day, like what does that mean? That means I have something left in my family, whether that's a spouse or partner, or your mother or father or your parents family, that's by blood, maybe it's your four legged family, maybe it's your community, maybe it's your loved ones, like what why I'm trying to get you to do his thing, I can have more and do more when I do these things. So I tell you this as I want you to stop getting in your own way, this is my dream. 80% of my business is totally free people. There's a reason why like Abby is here, I'm sharing this with you, I'm coaching her live, because I want you to know the secret. And if you want to go faster, then maybe it's an opportunity to talk with me. And we can see this right fit. But for the most part, most people are just in my circle and get improvement by being around me. And even if they don't end up spending money with me, which is just fine by me, by the way, the universe tends to be reciprocal. When we give, we tend to receive. They'll send me some of the best people ever, right? Because they've learned the way and so that's what I do and how I operate is my business. And I'm sorry, that's inconvenient for you. I'm sorry, that might hurt your feelings. I'm sorry that I've been really successful. I'm really not that sorry about that, by the way, because the more success I have, because there's 1000 people underneath me who are having success. Yeah. And so that's what I want you to know is why my heart is in this like I was designed to do this, like this was my calling on Earth. Okay. So when we think about that, and I come to you and I say listen, if you're like tell me in the chat here, I want you to go ahead and hashtag relationship. If you understand what I'm saying if you are tuning in right now we have a relationship right now you and me, okay? Like you're watching this, you have a relationship with Abby, like you. And if you haven't connected with Abby, I have it waiting for Hello, she she wants to hear from you. And this is where like, you might need a little bit of confidence booster here. We want to hear from you like yeah, my boy now has the thing they didn't used to where it says unread messages, and I can go do that. And I'm a little behind. So I'll just say that I'm sorry if I haven't gotten to yet. But we can see actually who could is unread. But now we really like what I do is I don't think of like, oh my god, I have 30,000 connections, you know, cuz that's where you max out. I think I have 30,000 people, I have 30,000 people, 30,000 heartbeats. 30,000 lives, I can impact Okay, and then when I look at the outreach of what that means for the impact, that's what I'm looking for. So this is the reprogramming of it. Okay, so what happens when you want to have a really effective conversation? So now, I'm going to tell you here that the source when I have you go through this networking exercise, and this is going to be mind blowing for you. The actual exercise itself is not what's going to get you the job. However, it always gets you the job, that I have never had anybody and this is where I hope to God that somebody does come back and prove me wrong, but if they do, I'll work with you until it does. It's never failed. Okay, so what has caused people to fail when they don't do it? When they go through it? Okay, so what happens here is that I had a conversation with you, and that's for people to be in your connections, right? And they're sending you jobs. It's not the initial networking process. It's the trickle down process. Okay. I find that even before you've completed it, we have multiple job offers. That's the secret okay. So we were going through this I went I'm gonna go I'm talking about Abby's particular where she's at and so I'm going to tell you most people won't even do. She's like, I haven't finished doing the outreach and I'm like, Most people haven't even filled out the form haven't even filled out the form. And I do have a spreadsheet like halfway through. It's huge. And so the part here is that the other thing that why people will stop is they think something. There must be something wrong with me or like they get rejected. Okay, so rejected, rejected, rejected, okay? And who was it Edison who said I didn't fail 10,000 times I found 10,000 ways to not make a light bulb. Yeah. So we have to think about the kind of thing you do not have to do this 10,000 times you will get better at it. And the only thing you need to realize is that people are human beings. Okay, so let me give you some of the secrets here. Do not start with an ask. Okay. And my, my favorite way to engage with people is twofold. One, you want to pick people who are using the platform, which is only 1% of the people so many


Abby  30:47

can talk about that. Now, I just learned, but I feel like I'm already extremely judgy just based on my research, like, I feel so bad for those recruiters that are out there trying to find people because like, what is going on with your profiles people going on? Like, it is a mess out there? Yes.


Lindsay  31:13

Recruiters are some of the worst offenders is the funniest part. Like, oh, my goodness,


Abby  31:17

I'll get on there. And I'm like, What are you about? You haven't posted in six months? You don't have a job title means actually, like, why? Recruiters?


Lindsay  31:27

Okay, if you guys, I love this guy. Rich hunter. I think it's Bo that saying relationship relationship. Yeah. Okay. So your brand, by the way, you are always in the business of meeting, we talk about that. And so you need to be building your brand. Your brand is not your company, like I used to have to put at the very bottom of my profile. All opinions expressed are my own, like, What bullshit is that? By the way, of course, they are. Like, I'm a human being, this is why I want to swear now because I don't and I'm like the Antichrist of human resources. Because I'm like, I hate this. Like, we so want to put people in boxes, and then 8 million people there should be a boxes, okay. And they're, you know, their shape is, whatever the shape of you are. Okay, that's the shape of the path we need to play. But yes, we need to do a better job. So that means that immediately can wipe out 1% Or all but 99% of people by just choosing people. Okay, so there's a way to do this. Inside of my programs. I teach you how to do this. But let me give you some quick answers. One, do they have a profile photo? Okay, if they are paid for the platform, if they have a little placard on their badge, or like a badge on their profile, they're likely to be using a little bit more. And if they have a custom headline, headline, meaning that one that's like position at company that one can vary, but that's the default that LinkedIn get a lot of those. Yeah, it's the majority of them. Which means it's easy to separate it out if you spend time. And then the very last one is they post on LinkedIn. Say it for me in the chat post on LinkedIn, the people. That's what does anybody do you write messages? Me? Let me just ask you this. When I write something I have opened, there's a response. Do you ever write things? And you're like, I hope nobody reads this a response to it.


Abby  33:00

Like when I post things, yeah, sometimes it makes me nervous. Like, I have a little anxiety. Like, I don't want I posted yesterday, I was like, this is kind of personal and like, a little heavier than normal. So I'm like, but yeah, and yeah. So


Lindsay  33:13

there's some times where we feel a little vulnerable. But yeah, you hope it gets received? Well, right. That's ultimately what our goal is we want we want validation. That's the human condition thing. Guess what if they were posting, they also want to feel like they are seen and heard. And so if you are somebody who is using LinkedIn appropriately, and you engage on their content, and then you send them a connection request, that one use their goddamn name 97% of connection requests I get, don't have the name or writing. If you want to get like EY I'll give you a break on that. But even then, like for Linda, I'm sure you get that. Do you get like I why? Or whatever. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah,


Abby  33:56

so my name wrong, right?


Lindsay  33:57

People the most like Dale Carnegie, right, the most powerful thing that we can use somebody's name, so let's use it correctly. Okay, so that that's the thing is you just engage on their content and like, really cool, like, give them a second. Like, if you remember how he's talking about? Yeah, I have a pretty large following like it's over 100,000 across all my platforms. That means really not much to me. What matters is do I show up in a write something that means something to somebody today? Do I give them an insight like I asked about salary today because I'm like, I have companies that are going with like, are Amazon calling you out here base salary that is so low, and hope that you'll like stick around long enough where you turn and burn everybody out and you'll stick around long enough to get your stock? Like know why you are sucking at the recruiting? Hello? Okay, so anyhow, I was like, would you rather have we love salary transparency, but we don't want to have set salaries and like, do those things coexist? I don't know. I don't have the answer. People always are like when I asked a question, I have a thought. And I'm like, I don't really know what the answer is. That's a tough one. This is a very new New Era we've never been in this industry or like this kind of market. So I don't know what the answer is. But I wrote that not because of like, I want people to see it, I want to have it. Like, I'm not saying like you're doing right, right or wrong. I don't have an agenda with it to be like, I don't know what the answer is. Give me some ideas around it. Yeah, I got a recruiter email with a link to best places to work.


Abby  35:19

So I got a minute ago, I'm like, That is the best.


Lindsay  35:28

Okay, so that is the big secret here is engaging people are using a platform and make it personal. Because you like, the worst when you okay, let me be example here. Oh, I get those like this, those emails that say thanks for applying. But we found somebody who had better qualifications, right? Yeah. When you send out or you send messages and you don't customize it, you are treating them the same way that you're, you're being treated. So let me say that again, the way that you treat other people will be how you treat it the way that you see your own self. If you invest in yourself, you invest your time and resources to uplevel yourself. People will see that and do the same for you. Yeah, okay. That's how they do.


Abby  36:02

Can I sorry, yeah, go ahead. No, I


Lindsay  36:05

was shutting up so I can let you talk. Okay, as


Abby  36:07

I you know, like I said, you know, first going into this, you were teaching me how to set my profile up. And like, you know, it's, it's a work in progress, always from now until forever, right?


Lindsay  36:16



Abby  36:19

Finished, and that makes me feel better, because then I can present what I have today. And it doesn't have to be the best of me necessarily, because it's the best of what I got right now. So I'm going to learn and it'll get better. But, um, but just in searching for, like, I found my 32 companies, which first of all took me forever, because I think I had like, 18 to start with that I knew right offhand. But, you know, then I had to research other companies and like, I got my companies, okay, now I gotta find my people. And like, we'll get into that. So I find all these people but getting to their profiles, and I'm like, okay, but like, I don't know what your job title means. If you don't post anything, like, it's difficult for me to find a way to connect with you. And so if you're thinking about it from flip it right from the other way, if someone's a recruiter, or whoever, a hiring manager, someone's looking for talent, and you have nothing but generic content, or no content on your LinkedIn profile, like how are they going to connect with you? Like, give them something to talk about? Right? Like,


Lindsay  37:12

give them something to talk about, which is like be authentic.


Abby  37:16

Yes, I had a designer and he hasn't responded yet. But I'm really hoping he does because his like header had like his UX titles, and then carbon booziest, which like, um, you know, guys, I was talking about cheese, like, I love to eat so. And then in his like, bio part, he had all this different work that he did. And then he also talked about being a baker, which I'm also a baker. So those are like two things right off the bat. I'm like, Oh, my gosh, we and he's a career switcher, from the fashion industry to UX design. I was like, we have so much in common. I switched from beauty to UX design. And I also love carbs. And I'm a baker. So like, now I have something to talk about. Right. And those aren't jobs, but like, it's a conversation starter. Oh,


Lindsay  37:56

this is so good. Oh, my gosh, okay. Can I just like break that down for you? Okay, because not, it is not a list of qualifications that are attracting Abby, this person, it is that they are like carbs. And I mean that because a word by like, like brochures? Yes. I'm going to talk about Yeah, she's got all kinds of quotables today, don't you? Yeah. Okay. So I love that. Okay, so I want to I want to dive deeper now into this. So I do say you should find your 32 people and you should initiate contact, and you should choose sorry, 32 companies, which is hard. And you don't need 1000 or a million, or whatever the heck anybody else tells you like 32 is, this is enough. If you go deep, if you go deep, narrow and deep. This will get you the result, okay? And find your ideal 32 people and begin to have or 32 or three contacts, each of the 32 it's a 96. So network ninja 96 is what this one is, okay? Those, I'm gonna tell you only as this is where you need to let go with a response. Like, I know you're going to spend a whole bunch of time researching them. Congratulations, it's way easier to do that than it is to apply and get rejected. Truth bomb, okay. So yes, it is hard, but it is also hard to do something that gets a point 4% Return On Success. Okay, so when when I want to do this, I want you to hope that you get about 33 to 40% response. Okay, now, most the time you're gonna exceed that because of what I'm teaching you but that means that only one out of the three people that you spend that time in is going to respond. And you know what, you have to be okay with it. You have to believe that it's okay to step up like what are they? What is it Wayne Gretzky? You miss 100% of the shots you know, you never get you don't take your idea here is if you don't even bother to step up to the bat. Like you'll never get a shot to hit a home run. Okay? Yeah, yes. And most people won't. Oh 100 says that he's got a sick biscuit recipe for you. Yes, super awesome. By the way now, here's where this is. You guys go have a conversation


Abby  39:54



Lindsay  39:57

was because of a conversation and being human. and carbs.


Abby  40:01

Okay, I will talk to you about food all day every day. Like, I love it.


Lindsay  40:06

Your recipes easy when you start showing people just have conversations with you. Like, that's what I have is I don't like go around pitching people. I just have conversations. Yeah. And like, I don't know that I can help you today, or I but I might know somebody who does. I mean, like I, I had Oh, give you an example. I had somebody and they're like, I'm really looking to do something here. And I was like, I don't really know if I have anything, but I'll keep in mind, I just planted that seed. I went to Florida, my friend said, I really need somebody and I text that person. I said, Hey, are you interested in like, Yeah, I'm like, you want to meet for an interview in 15 minutes? Oh, my gosh, you got a job. Okay, so let me tell you, this is not fancy pants. You don't need to apply. You don't like you can get a job offer even for the government from a text message. People I promise you, that's all okay. So you need to let go of all the things that should happen are all the systems because there's always somebody disrupting that system. Hi, my name is Lindsay musty. I'm here to destroy that and stuff to make it work for you. Okay. Okay, so those three that when you're making those conversations, so the big thing here is having something relatable to talk about. So why I want you to pick is that it's so boring when somebody profiles all professional, right? Is it so boring,


Abby  41:11

which I'm working on it? Mine's pretty professional right now. But I'm interested, I


Lindsay  41:15

feel like there's a lot that you talk about. So I feel like I don't think that about you at all. And if you want to put in like lover of cheese, one of my, from the very beginning. And he's like He had I think it was 147 the best beer on LinkedIn. Like, there's like a contrast for that. What is notable writing is seeing so like you have three ways to go about this. Okay, three ways to go about connecting with people. The first one is and this is mine tends to be complimentary. Like something they felt like, it was powerful, because I just like to give a deposit and who doesn't love to hear something great about it. So it's not like I'm not coming up with bullshit. By the way. Here I am talking about like something I really enjoy. Okay. The second thing is to be funny. Okay, and I'll give a shout out to Casey right, who said, I'm sending you a connection, Chris right now because when I asked you to help me move my refrigerator later, it'll be really awkward. Okay, so really funny is way hard to deliver. If you've got it like Adam Carpi aka Casey Knight, really good. Greg Johnson. So my favorite friends out there. Yeah, they're there. That's the one and then the third one. And I don't really recommend it. But I'm going to tell you because it's funny. It's just be wackadoo though, right, like maybe you can see that there could that kind of person like, exactly like this one said, like lover of purple anoraks. And I was like, that's such a weird, odd thing to say. But there are people who've had these conversations and I have had connections. No, you tend to get more with me with complimentary because I'll be but what it does is it stops that. Hi, how are you? You I would love to share value with you. Like that is the majority of that 3% that are customizing connections. So just to be different. In a world of all the same be a difference, okay? That will be the thing that sets you apart, okay? And that's where you just have conversation and it comes in with no stakes. If you come in and like I hope this person likes me, or I hope this person will have an opportunity for me, it's very, very hard for us to be able to go I have let me tell you what it's called validation seeking behavior. Yeah, it's desperation. And it repels people. Okay, so when you have like, what I know, I don't care if you work with me or don't know, do you care? Like you're like, oh, that's kind of interesting. Like, yeah, I don't really I don't really care. Like, I hope you get benefit from what I have. But for the people who were ready to do it, like they're gonna work with me, and that's great. We're gonna get massive results are gonna change their life. One of my clients, I'm a little aggravated him. Shout out to Charleen Baldwin, who spent two months so far this year working from Hawaii. That's awful. Yeah. And he went from being like, laid off and being like this incredible like a guy but yeah, go from that one to another extreme and both of his kids now have like taken the work that I've done and been able to implement their lives and that is the trickle down approach of what I do and that's where I'm like, that's the kind of life that if you want that life let me show you how to do it is amazing and I'm like almost aggravated because I'm jealous of it and I you know what, I hope to get to I hope you succeed beyond what I'm succeeding that's a true leader is somebody who wants you to be more successful than them.


Abby  44:19

Yeah, I think I agree. I've always felt like in the teams that I've led to it's just I feel the same way right? Like I want I want them to be successful and I feel like their success mirror like mine right like I totally get what you're doing


Lindsay  44:35

that's a post like you'll hear me say all the time in my groups or like that's a post where I can actually wherever Sheldon content people is like it's right in the face. Like that's a post like Hunter having a six get recipe that's a post or talking about how this gets connected people. But now


Abby  44:55

to the different ways you're saying that you should approach people to I almost feel like I want to put that on my Like, you know, on LinkedIn where it says like, you can reach out to Abby. Yeah. Or blank blank, like like, I'll be like if you have a good joke if you have


Lindsay  45:10

like, you have an amazing secret recipe that you'd like to release. Yeah.


Abby  45:15

Me for epic biscuit rescue. Like


Lindsay  45:19

you said joke that I was obsessed with bananas and ninjas, and I am back Rodrigo is going back because he doesn't like bananas. And so, yeah, Charlie posts for the beach exactly like, come on. It's so Okay, so now that you've got the idea here is it's just the effort. Okay. So here's the deal. Have you heard of that? Eat the frog. Do you know what I'm talking about? Who heard that? Okay, that sounds familiar. But I can't recall. So the eat the frog says okay, if you have a list of things that you have to do, and one of them is eat the frog. Should you do it first? Or should you do it last? edited out of the way? Yeah, by the way. Okay. And let me ask you the truth. Are you eating the frog when it comes to networking? A little. Yeah. Okay, I won't do it at all.


Abby  46:02

I feel like now that I've got my list that was the frog.


Lindsay  46:07

Yes, it was. Can we hear that? For guys? We're having a targeted list. That is the frog.


Abby  46:13

Oh, it's the worst. And not that it's but it's just so much work. And not that I you know, not that I'm averse to working. But like, man, it feels like a creep sometimes when I'm stalking people's profiles. And it's not even just the people, but the companies because you know, you can find some stuff online and stuff on Glassdoor, and some on the website and some on their social media. So I'm like all over the place, trying to figure out what they're all about what they need. And then trying to find people who work for the company that might be able to get me connected to do the things that I do to help them with their neat, like it's just a it's very in depth. Right. And so


Lindsay  46:48

it's that is where overwhelm city is what I hear and Abby is doing it. So how do we reduce overwhelm? Yeah, there's a reason why that is broken. Yeah, Hunter says eat the frog first. Just like I have eaten frog. I would that doesn't surprise me food eager. Okay, so little by little why networking lunches broken down. So this is where I tell you Abby, we're gonna take networking to another level, there's a whole secret. Oh, good. And we're gonna go deeper into that. So we're gonna talk about that, because this is like the very first pass. And yes, it is the encyclopedia. But here's the secret. I want to recession proof view, which means this happens again. You never ever go back and play again. You never have to go back to the place of feeling lost. And we do that how? Branding and networking. It's a virtuous cycle. Okay, so when we do this, and you've seen it, like, you already know, this is so freaking powerful. I mean, it's so powerful.


Abby  47:42

I can see the momentum. It's picking up.


Lindsay  47:45

Yes. Exact. I mean, it's for me, I have like goosebumps right now. I don't know if you can see. It's just so powerful to watch. James says I love that always congratulate support someone success put out what you want back.


Abby  47:55

Yeah. 100%. That's right. People feel that? I don't know how to describe it. You talk about it. Like, Lindsey felt like the woowoo stuff. But like, yes,


Lindsay  48:04

it was very woowoo. Like, you feel each other's? Well, actually,


Abby  48:08

it's if you think about it, it's not because we already know I you know, I'm going to tie this into science. But like, we know that everything vibrates, right like that. Things like that. And so when you're talking about picking up on someone's vibe, like, literally, even if we don't consciously recognize it, like your body is reacting with the world around it. So like, if you're, you know, vibing with somebody that's a real thing, like that's


Lindsay  48:30

yeah, it's actually science. It's quantum mechanics, people. So like woowoo. But if you look at some of the, like, energy particles and how that works, if you want to do some real deep dive, why say what is woowoo? Like, when people are like, do you ever use crystals? And they're like, Oh, my God, it's like, yeah, you do. It's running your computer people like stop like you people are so skeptics. I remember, I went back and I said, the skeptics have the worst lives. I'm gonna tell you here. Moving on some weird shit. There's science behind a lot of times, okay. But we can talk about Yeah, everything ever. Your heart beats at a certain frequency, right? Like, we can talk, we can measure this, okay? And the same thing goes like, you know, somebody gives you energy or somebody takes away from you. Yeah, I wanted investor relationships. Now, people that give you energy, okay.


Abby  49:14

Yeah. That's the cool part. So it's hard. We're putting all these companies together. So that one part of me is like, Oh, this is a drag. And the other part of me is like, this is the coolest thing ever. Because now I get to be surrounded by just the ones that I want around me all the time. Yes, like, that is so exciting to me. And I don't know why it never occurred to me before. But I was like, oh, like I can actually have just really awesome people around me all the time.


Lindsay  49:42

Why not? There's so much quotable here. I'm just like a content machine right now. And hundreds of people could see it as initiative and company should be flattered it like when you position yourself and what the other solution here is, is you have to be the solution someone's paying. So that's why have you articulate like, here's who I am and Then what we're doing now is we look at a company and we say, Oh, it's a beautiful marriage here. Here's what I do. Here's what, here's how we make beautiful babies. Okay, great. profits. And when people see you as a solution, your pain, guys, this is why. And a pain is like I need a company has a reason for to an opening on their company, for two reasons. They either make money or they save money. If you don't believe me, even the person who's picking up the floor is doing something that's either saving money or making money, right? Because I love a fee for the people to go to work. Guess what that makes money. This is where people have to. And we I know you remember how he said to me, I have zero experience. Like, in my mind, that's not like, that's not true. But we have to reprogram a lot of this. This is why this is so powerful. Okay,


Abby  50:43

well, you talk about mindset, right? Like, that's the whole point. And I think, yeah, you have to start there. Because once you feel like you have something to offer, and that you're worthy of the conversation, right like that, that we're having now. Like, I'm to the point where I'm now gonna have the conversation. And if you don't impress me, then I don't need to continue that conversation either.


Lindsay  51:02

Oh, this the wealthy mindset? Oh,


Abby  51:05

yeah, I think I mean, it totally ties together, right? And, like, why shouldn't I be energized by a company that I want to work for? So


Lindsay  51:13

why should I be energized by a company to work for and for those who are like recruiters and employers who are listening to this? Get it together? Thank you. If you're wondering why people don't want to work for your company, Abby has just summarized entire 20 years of experience and what? Okay, that is what she has done. Getting together. Okay. So yeah, don't be afraid of people and having a genuine conversation. Yeah, that's the big thing. Like I reached out to me and like, what should happen or not like I was just, and when I say greatest, and whether you take me up on this, I'm cheering you


Abby  51:43

on? Yeah.


Lindsay  51:44

Thank you. The power of it. Yeah. I'm feel so blessed to be a part of it. And I mean, I could not have like, I'm gonna say this meteor at times where I'm like, I know everyone gets results with it. That is not the question. But there are a few people where I'm like, they're gonna fucking crush it gets swearing. I'm gonna crush it. Okay, like, because, and I had no idea. She said, I have zero experience. At one point. I was like, I know, there's something here to unearth. And that's why she's my David here. Okay.


Abby  52:10

All right, dig deep to find it, but it was there. Like,


Lindsay  52:13

do you see the abbey that was from where we started to now? Yeah, she's a woman. It's like, she was like, different person. Massive confidence. Okay, so this is going to be absolutely epic. I'm so so excited for this. Okay. So this is where like, we're gonna go, we're gonna take the rest of this offline for us and having conversation where we're gonna go into network ninja 201, which is only unlocked when you actually do the work inside of my program was Easter egg. So we're gonna do that we're gonna take that conversation offline, because what I'm going to be doing is I'm gonna be coaching Abby around like how to research these people how to have the connecting the pain in to what she does. So she understands how to connect those two. And that's where the magic comes in. Because I can see what your worth is. But getting into these pieces are? Yep, Abby's more powerful than she knows. Yes, exactly. And the only way to get through this is to walk the pathway with me like, I don't see any. And the only way I learned to people was I took 20 years, 20 years to be this person. So like, I would love to give you the shortcut. Now. Let me ask you a question here. Abby, do you feel like the thing that has changed the most for you has been the mindset of what you're doing?


Abby  53:27

Yeah, I mean, that's kind of fueling everything. Um, you know, if I didn't feel differently, I wouldn't be doing anything differently. And I think I told you from the beginning, though, I was so frustrated with no results, you know, so that the fact that this is feeling and completely different for me is like that, that's it means everything because, yeah, if I keep doing the same thing, it's not working, like do something else. Right. So and that's what we're doing here. And yeah, the mindset for sure, fuels all the other steps, right? So you have like, actual, what do you call life work that I have to do?


Lindsay  54:00

Right, right. We call it,


Abby  54:02

I don't believe that it's gonna do anything, then like, I'm sorry, but my efforts probably aren't gonna yield any results either.


Lindsay  54:08

So exactly. And she does the work like that is one thing where I consistently see people dropping off at this point point, and they won't do the work. And I like to say like, I'm kind of like your personal trainer, or broccoli, you can choose which one at the moment, and you may not feel really good after. But it's good for you. And so if we do the work here, and so that's the secret here is doing the work. Most people like oh, it's not working for me. And I'm like, What did you do? And they're like, nothing and I'm like, Yeah, that's why because you can't there has to be action. Like there's one thing but the big thing if you notice what I coach you on most the time is how to reframe the mindset of what step are going through. Yeah, that is what like that is the secret sauce is just being able to see your true worth being able to think you're worthy of it and then figuring out how to pull it off. Okay, like, and I have the answer for how to pull it off. But most of you won't get past the point of thinking you're worthy of it. Like that's a big secret. I have So this is where I'm going to say I want to invite you to join me on the masterclass if you're feeling called to this, if this sounds awesome if you want to hang around cool people like rich, and Hunter and bow and, you know, we have some friends that haven't joined us today. But people like Jessica, that have been here, if you want to be part of that same community, come join me like we're doing Alaska class, there's nothing to buy, put your wallet at home, there's nothing to buy at the end. There's nothing to buy. It is for hours with me if this has been powerful for you. Let's talk about how to get you moving past these blocks because that's what I'm trying to do. There has never been a hotter market people I have said, I mean, I've only been in this market for 10 years, I'd somebody like I, I've been working at since 1983. And I've never seen a market and I'm like pretty much this is the hottest market in the country. The most rapid like collapse to the most rapid expansion. So right now is the time like claim it and then do something with it. So I invite you to join me corporate cash machine here. It's at the bottom, your corporate cash machine calm. It's totally free. The community is epic. You're gonna get to hang out somewhere, friends. Okay. Now, Abby, let's go into your questions. This is the time for you. Yeah. And I know, we're gonna still take some of this off sighs for Yeah, that's okay. What's that? Let's talk about your stuff right now that you're feeling stuck in?


Abby  56:11

Okay, so I just had a couple of questions. So the first is whether it felt pretty like practical, I guess. So I've got my list of 96 people. And I'm kind of just been like working my way down the list. But my question is, do you find that it is better to like break it up and not reach out to like, all three people from the same company at the same time? Or should I just, like, go top to bottom? Like, does it matter? Yeah.


Lindsay  56:34

So as far as your I love it, because you're like, what's the process? And that's? That's part of your superpowers? So the answer is, whatever floats your boat, obviously, because at this point there, I don't even have enough to be like, like this. If you reached out to three people, the same company at the same time, this is what happens. I don't have that. But what I would say is that if they were all talking about you at the same time, would that yeah, or not? That's


Abby  56:59

a bad thing. I just don't feel like it's like, I'm just blasting everyone, you know, like, if they all are like,


Lindsay  57:08

yeah, no, I don't think so. Like there. We talk about really hot candidates. So if somebody comes and gets a referral, and I'm like, Oh, I'm talking about person, the other person's like, Oh, I'm talking to them. They're like, Oh, wait. If they're talking to us think about how much else they're talking about other people, like, we increase the power so that I like, I actually hurry my butt up. That kind of situation. So that's how I would think about it that way. Okay, you're once again, I'm


Abby  57:30

reframing my mind. Because yeah, to me, I'm like, do I look like I'm just spamming everyone? Or does it look like I'm being active about my career development? Okay, that's totally different. So something that we talked about in the coursework is identifying what needs the company has or what opportunities they have that I might be able to meet. And in some cases, it's really easy to identify. In some cases, it's really difficult. Because I, you know, I was trying to research like, what's in the news? What's on their website? If I'm a user of their product, like, what do I see as an opportunity, right, like, and so I'm looking in all these different places. And sometimes I'm like, Okay, well, there's like nothing in the news. I don't see people posting things. Like, when I'm looking at my SSI, it's saying I'm in like, the top 2% of people in my industry on LinkedIn, which makes it really difficult because I'm like, why are you guys here? Um, but yeah, in those cases, like, I'm still going to reach out, but my question is, Is it okay to like, try to figure that out in the course of conversation?


Lindsay  58:32

Absolutely. So the secret here, why make you do it so many times? I told you in the beginning, you're just gonna suck at it. Yeah. You're just gonna suck at networking in general, and everything I teach you until the point where it becomes like, Charlie, he's like, I'm only getting so much percentage, I think was like, 80% of my connection. Request accepted. Yeah. Charlie's the beach guy. And I was like, Charlie, that's better than mine. Like, he's like, Oh, I know. My relative. Yeah. So it rep like, let me just give you a baseline. You're fucking crushing. Like, and so I mean, he was he was killing it. So um, when this part here, yes, it's absolutely okay to talk about that. So remember, like, not all the conversations, most of them actually won't have fruition? Why have you stabbed? Like, take a stab at it? By the way, the fact that you're even asking this question, like, the math hasn't asked question is this many? So um, I love that you're asking because I'm, like, always like, this is the secret. Yeah, yes, you can get that. So just get close. Okay, like, all we're trying to get is like, are we on the target? And this is where I'm gonna tell you a story. I had a guy once reach out to me and he goes, I have like, literally played at your company. Like, I don't know how many times I can't even get a call back. And I was like, well, like, Tell me. Tell me about you. And he's like, Well, I'm a heart. I have I told you this on the Harvard alumnus who I said this to you? Yeah, I


Abby  59:44

think I think we talked about this.


Lindsay  59:45

Yes. I'm gonna tell it again, because this story is powerful framework. And this is the shift, okay. I'm a Harvard alumnus, former top gun commander, which again, I always I did not know that was a real thing. I thought it was just and a former White House aide to two presidents. And I was like, The most qualified person on the entire planet that you tell me what the hell he actually does based on that? I don't know. Yeah. Okay. So this is where like, oh, it's not qualification. Yeah. Right. So if he had said anything like supply chain fulfillment, or in this case, what his superpower was last mile transportation, the hottest industry outside of artificial intelligence on the planet, most efficient, a billet like the one that's the most unsustainable, where if you see those little trucks that are running around with a primal blue vans, yeah, your business was created because of last mile transportation that did not exist. I was talking to this guy. That is how that is. That's okay. That, do you think that he could have gotten an opportunity? Okay, so what I did is I took it and I use my magic, the same thing I do when you work with me, muddled it up, and I sent it off to three people. And guess what happened? You know, what happened? He got a job offer for one level below Jeff. Okay, nice. I sent it to the right people notice networking, connection, packaging, clarity, and branding. Yeah, all three of those things together. That is the secret. Okay. So, oh, their annual Sema 200? It's got a really good point. If they have Yeah,


Abby  1:01:12

and I wouldn't ask you about that. So. Okay, so glean from the other than their sales. What how am I


Lindsay  1:01:19

really like if you see that, like, they might have capital funding, or they're talking about programs that they're, they're launching, or things like they, if they're getting seed capital, there, there's different like, what we can glean? Like, if we look at that, we know what we're just extrapolate. We're just gonna imagine and the thing is, you don't have to get it right. Like supply chain, he did not tell me was last mile transportation, I would have at least been in like the bullseye of like, oh, this is a category because as our brains work of categorizing people, that's how we work. It's, it's because we're going to like billions of bits of data into our brain all the time. So how our brain compartmentalizes, which is why reprogram is so very hard for people. We have to come with that. So you just didn't give somebody like idea where they're like, oh, so I say lead the horse to water, in essence. So that's all I'm looking for. Is this notable? So if you looked at like some of the things like people look at, like Jeff Bezos shareholder letter, yeah. Really cool way for you to tell what the hell's going on with that company. Okay, and like, that's something you can talk about. So what that's what she said. Yes, exactly what she said. Perfect. That's, that's it. So the fact that I love that you've gotten this, like, this is a guy's like, just like, bow down to Abby. Because if you're watching, if you're watching us, like, tell me like, how freaking awesome is she? She is crushing us. Okay, sorry. Keep going. Because I'm like, hit me. Give him our please.


Abby  1:02:37

I mean, I don't know, I guess I just figured, like, if it's awkward for me, it's probably awkward for them to and like, I tried to think about, okay, well, if somebody reached out to me, like what would be like, I don't want to talk to this person versus like, oh, they actually are paying attention to what I'm doing. So like, I have to pay attention to what they're doing. So and, you know, my experience that is no experience is business experience. So I understand some of the programs that are launched and how a business develops and grows over time, because I work for a company for 16 years. So like, I saw that, um, so yeah, some of these things I can identify and I'm like, okay, so they're just launching an app or they're going into E commerce or whatever it is that they're doing. Like, I can help with that. Um, so yeah, trying to figure that out is


Lindsay  1:03:18

even if like the probably on your list of the ones that you kind of did the brain dump with I tend to be like, what I love about this what I don't like about this? Yeah, yeah, so that's a really easy way for me to be like I love this company. This is how I can help you be better it's a really good way to kind of come up with that.


Abby  1:03:31

Yeah, I also like included it wasn't on your thing, but I had my credit started some of this work before I told you prior I had like a spreadsheet that I had going adding to it. But I also had in there like what they're all about so what what do they do generally as an industry and then like, what their values are if I could figure that out, I love that and see like that's the best way that I can relate to and know that it's a company that I want to work for so I know that she is


Lindsay  1:03:57

very obviously incredibly organized I so when I used to her the very beginning I mean like go find 30 shoe companies work to like that one. Now. This is like so people take the spreadsheet and they go like you might have your own or they use it and a whole bunch of stuff like customize it for you. Be really clear here I use Sales Navigator to organize this. Yeah. Oh, like that's another secret. Yeah, and Hunter saying like like lay the lay out their mission or goal for that year and then align if you can that to your Oh, so good.


Abby  1:04:26

Thank you, Hunter. That's exactly it. Like, are you in the same place that I am? Do we want the same things like


Lindsay  1:04:31

I know companies, and not all jobs are created equal? Oh


Abby  1:04:36

my gosh, no, I can tell you even some of the ones I have on my list. When I went into go research them. I was like, do I want to work for you like,


Lindsay  1:04:44

oh, there's a reason why I'm making you 32 Because there's a whole bunch that you're gonna drop off. And then by the research have you found that you add more people to your list because you find other cool companies?


Abby  1:04:52

Yeah. Yeah. Because you know, LinkedIn will suggest like, you might also like and I'm like, Cool. Who are you like Oh, Okay.


Lindsay  1:05:03

It gets easy if you do it. Yeah, it's like a snowball. It's hard to start, then like, if you push it over the top it becomes becomes an avalanche.


Abby  1:05:10

And if you're, you know, if you're active on there, I can see how work it is a lot of work. But if you're active on there, right, and I'm like going through people's posts and reading the comments, like, and then I feel like, oh, that comment was kind of cool. Like, who's this person? Like, what are they doing? And then I


Lindsay  1:05:24

am naturally acquiring the skill. And that's why like, I don't need that anymore. Like when I started, that was the process, right? Like, I need to be systemized about what I did. The whole point is to like, make it because you're not I'm giving you a really tight operating system, and then build on it. When you get more comfortable with it. It becomes easier. Yeah, but yeah, that's it's in the very beginning. So you're nobody. You're listening. Please, my gosh, please say truth bombs. dropping some fire. I don't ever get these questions. And $20,000 Okay, so that is crushing it the art market. Hey, Robin, so great to see you.


Abby  1:06:01

Um, to two more things, one's probably a quick one and one's not. So the other thing you had me look up was like, what positions they might have open, which is relevant, but also not because you know, they can create position for me or something might become available in the future. But what if they don't have and I've noticed this just since you know, COVID, like a lot of companies are doing remote work, but some aren't listing that they're doing remote work. So we're assuming that shouldn't stop you from reaching out if they don't have any remote positions listed. Like some will say, Look


Lindsay  1:06:30

at everyone has remote positions, okay. I'm not gonna be able to say that, but COVID changed the game. And now like, we have continuing lockdowns, and we have all these, like, physical safety. And we've already proved that it could work. And remember, if a company doesn't, if they're forcing you in the office, like it was not the right fit kind of company, right? So I want you to just assume, and I mean, we will do whatever it takes for top talent, we will pick a job remote for top talent and be forced into the office. Yeah. So I mean, like, I keep the reason why you ask these questions, like, Well, no wonder you guys are not getting anybody. Nobody wants to work in that office anymore.


Abby  1:07:06

I mean, give me the option, like, fine. Again, you don't want to get rid of your physical space. There was probably a lot of reasons for that. But But yeah, like flexibility is the new normal. Yes.


Lindsay  1:07:17

flexibility and freedom. It's a single theme of what I see Hi.


Abby  1:07:21

Yep. Hashtag flexibility. Flexible. Okay, last one. So in some cases, I can find and I think, you know, you talked about using already forgot the name of it, that LinkedIn tool that lets you find people in the right position. So I'm using a couple different tools. I haven't gotten that one yet, but I'm looking at it. But I already had like a good list going. So I'm like, I'm just gonna add to what I've got. And I was able to find a lot of people that were in design positions or creative positions. And in some cases, though, I couldn't find people, at least that were listed on LinkedIn in those roles. And so I'm like, Well, do I reach out to like a recruiter instead? Or


Lindsay  1:08:01

actions? Okay, is


Abby  1:08:02



Lindsay  1:08:03

a level that I should not reach out to? Like, I'm not going to probably bother the CEO, right, like, so. And I would say depends, like, it depends, like you can get, you can get a hold of me, like, you can get a hold of me, and I'm following so. Um, so what what I would say, there, I don't know if you know who Tim Ferriss, but he has the same where is the art of drug dealing for money. In The Four Hour Workweek, he talks about, he gets a challenge to the class in college and says, find the most personal find, get a contact with the most influential person will win. Well, most people won't even do it. And so he's like, by default, anybody, they come back with the first time and so the second time, I said, nobody will do this, which is why I tell you guys, you probably won't do this, or you probably won't listen. And then you're like, I'm gonna prove her wrong. There's a reason why I do. By the way, everything I do is completely orchestrated to get you results. Thank you here is, let me tell you, there's people who have the two layers. I don't usually talk about this. So there's authority and then there's influence. Okay. Okay, already means I hold the power position. How many of you had a had a company that you've been in? And that person may have had a title, but they had no real authority? Oh, yeah. Yes. Okay. So like, remember, authority is not the one that trumps all. But how many of you believe that if you know me, if I were to make you a personal introduction to your dream company, that that would likely go a lot further? Mm hmm. Yeah. So what I'm looking for is both his authority and influence. Now, let me tell you that the receptionist can be the most influential person inside of an entire company. Whoo. So that is known math, but I didn't. I know. We don't think about that. So I want you to be like open, especially in the times when you are like, and it's not that person. Like it may not even be that person a job but somebody who knows somebody in that job. Well, approach we're executive


Abby  1:09:48

admins. Oh, I


Lindsay  1:09:50

know. That's why I was like, if you get if you want the CEOs attention, you better find like, the grease on the wheels is that don't ever by the way, do not ever be insulting to anybody in Venice. straight up in any time at any for any part of your life. One, it will come back to bite you so hard and they are the grease on the wheels and it can make your life work or they can make you not. That's right. Okay, I need to give a little preach out there because I'm like fresh out the hardest job in the entire world to find. And Phil is the Executive Administrator. I know I said it because why there's only one person with him could fit that person's dynamic it is it is a hard job, and so undervalued and so under appreciated. So shout out to our admins out there. Thank you you guys represent, by the way, you were not admins, if you need a chance to reprogram that you want to be out of that world. You talk to me, because you do way more than that me as a good proof of what I've talked about. Like she said, I'm like Office administrator. No, you're out? No, you are not. So they are facilitators of everything important. Oh, yeah. And the doors are wonderful connections is what Robin says, okay, and somebody asked me about the COVID stuff, I will answer that. And just Yeah. So I want you to think like your own people in your own field is awesome. Like people, and especially the ones who like you talk about the guy who's already been in their switches, like, like, those are great. Find people that are just like you and we like where people congregate. And that's not like a church. That's people who people think but like, yeah, there's like a community, you might be on LinkedIn. Or if you were like a software developer, if I've had GitHub,


Abby  1:11:15

yeah, I've gotten some like engineers, some creative directors, some people that are UX designers, some of their interns even I'm like, get me in like so. Yeah, I


Lindsay  1:11:23

know, all the levels. Yeah. So that's where I'm like, dope in like your recruiter totally can, especially the ones that say reach out. And guys, if you're a recruiter, and you're saying reach out to me, and you're not actually responding to people get your shit together. thing, okay, calling Yeah, I'm here. Because if I could do it, and I got 500 connections a day 500 connects requests or messages a day at Amazon, you can do it. Okay. What did you tell me as your priorities are messed up? Okay. Or don't put it on there? Okay, um, we're still working law firms and everything I've done in the exec admins. And here, I see they run every Oh, I know. They have the calendar. They have all of Canada. Oh, let me tell you, yes. Okay. So yes, and then the degree this is called a circle of influence, basically, and so that your sphere of influence, the closer you are to something just being close to it. So like, I just got to join, I don't know if you guys know who this is. Russell Brunson, he runs the largest non venture capital back software company, or fast growing in the United States. And I just got invited to join the inner circle, if I didn't even adulation. That's a big deal. It's a really big, really, really big deal, you have to do a lot of crap in order to be amazing in that room. So kind of get there by being in the right room by being in the right room with the right people and the right people, by the way, I never discriminate, I assume the person that I'm talking to at the grocery store might be my next dream job. Or might know somebody, you have no idea what who people are connected to or what their lifestyle is, do not judge people love ever. So I say every time you walk out of the door, and I mean, virtually, or physically, every person you interact has the potential to change your life and are sure every person if they would be the person who could continue to if that relationship was built would be fruitful for both of you for the rest of your existence. Okay, that means that I think everybody, everybody, that means the deli clerk counter is going to be somebody I treat with massive respect the server, the person is at Starbucks, and I'm also going to treat the CEO the exact same way. They're going to be treated the same way. And I would encourage you that way. Okay.


Abby  1:13:17

Amazing. That's such a good life lesson. I hope you guys all heard that. Like you have no idea who that person is or what they've been through or what they can offer who they are like, and we just treat them as a position.


Lindsay  1:13:27

And I'm not perfect at it always let me be really clear. I'm not I lose my mind, too. But a lot of times you say, I'm sorry, I didn't do really well. I had a friend I said that to this week. I said I was kind of an asshole here. And I'm really sorry about that.


Abby  1:13:39

I mean, Didn't I just tell you, my husband told me that I have to be nicer to people.


Lindsay  1:13:44

And we just learned that even when we know better we do better? Yeah.


Abby  1:13:46

I mean, I just didn't have the time.


Lindsay  1:13:50

Yeah, exactly. And this is where I'm like, like, don't ever, like it's just not to be a full time gig here. I'm doing it full time now. Right. But like, it doesn't have to be a full time effort becomes such a small percentage of what will increase your success. Because once you have it, it becomes easy. You fight those people, you get to be in the right rooms and then get to have conversations, they just deepen. Like, I like this, this entire people that are in the inner circle, like I was like, these are all people that are my friends. It's the craziest thing. Where before these were the people were at Stages and speaking and I'm like, Cool me. No, now we're like, you just continue to grow and so uplevel Okay. All right. I think you had your last question. Was there another one? No, that was it. Okay. To be crushing it, crushing it. So I'm going to go back and want to ask this question because I know there's so Okay, so this is going to be I'm going to say what I said like I don't have an agenda a lot of times on things I'm going to talk about COVID Now I want to be really clear here and I want you to choose whatever is best for you. freedom and flexibility. I believe in that. I'm an American, that's tends to be kind of my game plan. Okay, yeah, there's not a lot of freedom and flexibility we putting on constraints from many angles, okay. So the companies that are gonna win today are going to allow their people to have freedom of flexibility. And that means that their personal health decisions get to be made by them. And their personal safety decisions get to be made by them, which means we don't force people back into the office. Okay, so there's my little shout out. So there's a whole bunch of people this week who got laid off inside of Washington State because of their proving or boom, willing to show vaccination status. I'll be honest, transparent, I did get vaccinated. I also got COVID. So like, I have a very varied experience with it. So I am like, well, you know, we were told one thing, we also know that the, the largest settlement on history was for the pharmaceutical company. In fact, Pfizer, which is the vaccine, I got his one of those. So we do have to make sure we look at the data, and I want you to make a decision based on your own and not what people are pulling you into, or what the news is telling you go do your own research. Okay. All right. People are switching all the time right now, because they're being forced into some sort of place. It can be because of vaccinations. So yes, that is 100%. We're seeing that when I'm having conversations, that's kind of private information I don't tend to share with others or talk publicly about but yes, I really don't care about why you're being forced into doing something or what your decision is. Remember what I said, I don't care about, like what your salary is, or what you're gonna get. I don't care about being a part of it. Because what I want you to choose is you, that's all the big secret here is what's true to you. So So yes, definitely people are being forced out the door, if you're like people who when the time when we cannot hire anybody, we are forcing people out of the door. And I'm like, let's just say and I mean, I want you to do for your business, just like digital to do what's right, and what lies to the values of that business, which means they may not align with mine, that's fine. I don't I don't eat at Chick fil A, I've never eaten there, I have no intention of ever eating there doesn't align to my values, I vote with my dollars, whatever, they want to run their business that's on them. Okay? Now you get to choose to run the business meeting, which is what's acceptable or what's not. So you either walk away or you don't, but you should probably not be pushing out the door when you can't get people to come in the front door in the first place.


Abby  1:16:52

truth bombs.


Lindsay  1:16:55

I don't know what the answer is. I don't know what the answer is. So it's honest, though, right? That but that's the part where I'm like, I'm just looking at the ramifications. Like I make this decision that I'm How am I willing to live and die on this? Like, that's the decision and so like, and then the other part here is at the next level, this is why I'll never be in politics. Like we're literally living and dying on this. So you need to make the right call, right? You need to make the right call. So make the right call for you. Okay. And our companies like I talk about Russell Brunson, Russell said, I will never make anyone my company get a vaccination. I don't care if I have to shut my business down. So that Ryan's with you. Maybe you should take a look at them. Okay, so um, but like, do you mind went with you? Okay.


Abby  1:17:36

I, yeah, I have opinions. I'm not necessarily inclined to be political. Online, either. Just because I feel like it's it's convoluted, right? At best, like, exactly what you're not getting the whole truth all the time ever. Yes. So true. We are getting one piece of it. So you might do your own research? Yes, yes, thank you. That's exactly what I was gonna say is like, you have to make the right decision for you, based on the research that you've put into it. And if your research is just relying on everyone else's opinions, then like, you still gotta make your own decisions. But no one should be making those for you. Not the news media and not your social networks, not like,


Lindsay  1:18:16

figure it out for yourself, right? That's the other part where


Abby  1:18:19

he's your logic, you've gotten a good brain. So like,


Lindsay  1:18:23

use it and then what feels right here. And there's something here to like, really check like, Am I doing this from fear? Am I doing this from the place where I'm choosing what aligns to it? And I let me tell you what I what I do here is I chose to do my work. My work professionally, was because I could no longer my soul could no longer align with what I was doing, which was perpetuating a very broken system. So that's why I chose to do this. Now, I've had a lot more success being the disrupter and being the pain in the ass for other people in the background here, right. And I've been able to use a lot of lives, but it's not an easy path. Okay, so it's a lot easier to be sheeple. So we call him the sheep holds true


Abby  1:18:57

but like I don't know, if you have to decide what's what's more fulfilling for you. I guess if you're fine. Like, just following the path everybody's got to do like, but


Lindsay  1:19:07

if you're no


Abby  1:19:10

work, but if you're passionate enough, then it's worth it.


Lindsay  1:19:14

Yes, that's exactly it is worth it. So thank you so much for wrapping that up. So I hope that helps you guys with some of the questions that you had. And if you again want to join and hang out with me, because I'm going to do this for four hours tomorrow. It's going to be absolutely transformative that come in, it's a totally free there's nothing to buy, leave your wallet at home, corporate cash machine comm I'm going to teach you about why we've negotiated a million dollars in additional salary to your bottom line for our clients in the last 31 days. It has never been hotter market. Please please reach out and take some of that money put in your pocket go make a bigger difference in the world. Thanks, Abby for joining me today. I'll see you say


Abby  1:19:51

hi guys. Thanks, everybody.